Wickflow Performance Headbands

Say no to stitching, hems, slipping and sweat in your eyes. Say yes to focus. Stay focused with Wickflow.

What The Pros Are Saying

Wickflow performance headbands for when performance matters.
Best headband Kailub Russell

Kailub Russell

5X GNCC Pro XC1 Champion

“Wickflow has been a goggle saver for me. In a 3 hour race it’s hard to keep the sweat out of my face, but Wickflow wicks it away keeping my eyes clear and my focus on the track.”

Best headband Steward Baylor

Steward Baylor

Tely KTM Professional Racer National Enduro and Sprint Enduro Champion

“Wickflow completely changes summer riding, where usually my goggles are full of sweat and my eyes are burning I can now do my motos without any sweat in my eyes or the constant splatter on the inside of the goggle lens.”

Cycling headband Charlie Mullins

Charlie Mullins

FMF/KTM Factory Racing GNCC and National Enduro Champion

“Awesome product and amazingly thin. You can’t even tell it’s there under the helmet. I use it for all my activities if I’m running or cycling. A must have for any activity if you're going to sweat!”

Best headband Josh Toth

Josh Toth

Factory FMF Redbull KTM rider GNCC Pro XC2 Champion

“Wickflow headbands have had a huge impact on my racing and training. I’ve been able reduce sweat running into my goggles throughout the race, letting me to keep a pair of goggles on much longer! In training, specifically cycling I love using a Wickflow to keep that annoying sweat from getting into my eyes and driving me crazy!”

Performance headband

Ricky Russell

AM-PRO Factory Yamaha Racer

“The main thing I would have to say is for anyone who has experienced a problem with sweating out their goggles. Wickflow has helped me out a ton with this problem.”

Cycling headband Mike Witkowski

Mike Witowski

Factory Beta Racing

“Don’t lose focus on the track. Stay focused with Wickflow.”