Black Performance Headband

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Wickflow headbands are the first to have the patented wrap around channel made of a very thin silicone layer that does 2 things: 1. It traps and channels moisture away from the face. 2. It creates a non-slip strip so the headband stays put during the most rigorous workouts—no more sweat dripping or slipping.

Also, the design has no stitching, no threads from hems to irritate. It is one single layer of very thin stretch fabric, cool to the skin and breathable. The thinness of the fabric allows it to breath as well as evaporate sweat. The wicking channel draws moisture away from the face.

The fabric is a sports performance 4-way stretch material less than 1/32 of an inch in thickness. The Wickflow headband is not designed to absorb moisture, but to conduct it away from the eyes and mouth, essentially away from the face to allow for focus and concentration for the athlete.

  • For increased focus
  • Remain cooler
  • No stinging eyes
  • Ultra-light for quick evaporation
  • Fits under any helmet
  • One size fits all
  • No slip silicone channel
  • No stitching to irritate
  • Can wet prior to wearing for cooling effect
  • Easy to clean – hand wash, air dry
  • Breathable performance fabric

Performance Headband Care

For best care, handwash and air dry.

2 reviews for Black Performance Headband

  1. Funmi

    Awesome product, works the best among all the headbands I own!

  2. John

    I have been using wickflow headbands for about 8 months, and i honestly dont know how i rode so long with out them. I have 3 and wear one everytime i ride. Its so nice to be able to ride long hard days without burning eyes from sweat. They are the best!!!

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