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The amazing Wickflow headband has a patented wrap around silicone strip that channels sweat to exit the rear of the headband, away from the face and eyes.

It is one single layer of very thin stretch fabric, cool to the skin and breathable. Fits perfectly under any helmet.

  • No Dripping Sweat
  • Dryer Goggles
  • No slip inner silicone rib
  • Can wet prior to wearing for cooling effect
  • One size fits all

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Black/ Black, Black/ Blue, Black/ Lime, Black/ Orange, Black/ Pink, Black/ Red, Black/ White, Blue/ Blue, Orange/ Orange, Red/ Red, White/ Lime, White/ Pink

24 reviews for 2-Pack Wickflow

  1. funmi

    Best headband I own! Really helps me stay focused while I’m running.

  2. Duncan Livingstone (verified owner)

    Brilliant. I suffer from sweat getting into my eyes and this brilliant invention fixes that problem for me 100%

  3. Bruce (verified owner)

    I sweat like crazy when I ride mtb, all from my head! Goes in my eyes and I have to stop and wipe or crash. I bought 2 pair from Rick at Union Cycles in Attleboro, Mass. http://unioncycle.com/
    He told my a local guy created it so I said well I’ll give him a shot. Absolutely love it! I went for a ride on a hot humid day, sweat was running down the sides of my face and nothing down my forehead. And best of all out of my eyes! Later it rained and still no issues. I gave one to a friend and had to buy 2 more.

    Thank you!

  4. Travis Damon (verified owner)

    Did some motos this weekend and the sweat band is a game changer goggles didn’t need to be cleaned after and no sweat in my eyes at all. Definitely part of my program now! @travis22damon

  5. Julius

    I have been an athlete for years, and I am always on the lookout for something that will naturally improve my performance or improve the experience. Wickflow has improved my workout experience. Running, lifting weights, or doing yoga, whatever you are doing it is much easier when sweat isn’t getting in your eye. Wickflow has provided such an increase in my experience that long-term, I know it will improve my performance. Thank you for this product!

  6. John P (verified owner)

    These headbands are great! I bike and run in S. Florida and haven’t found a better way to keep the sweat out of my eyes. They fit easily under my bike helmet and are very comfortable. Because the are light weight they also come in handy on a run or just working around the yard. Thanks Wickflow!

  7. Robert

    I am a sweater! I carry a small shop rag in my pocket to wipe off the brow on hot MTB laps to keep the glassed dry and to keep them from fogging. This has really made a difference in the way sweat drips down your face. For once a product actually performs better than anticipated.

  8. Karan Saini (verified owner)

    I sweat a lot and that negatively impacted my performance on the bike especially when using my drop bars as sweat got into my eyes as soon as head dropped. Consequently, I was mostly riding using the hoods until I bought these Wicklow bands. I no longer have sweat flowing all over my face and I don’t have to keep taking my sunglasses off to wipe the sweat. It would be wonderful if you all can somehow inject the cooling technology in these bands especially for those who live in the hot and humid environment.

  9. Andy Clark (verified owner)

    My son started wearing WICKflow headbands this year Erases all throw dirt bikes and since wearing has yet to pull his goggles off in a race because of sweat or fogging issuesAnd I also wear one I shave my head and work outside so I always have sweat in my face since I’ve started wearing one while I’m working no more sweat in my eyes issues great product!

  10. Melissa

    The design of this headband allows the sweat to drain towards the back of the head as opposed to collecting in a terry cloth headband which is heavy and soggy half way through my run. Well thought out design.

  11. Henry Swiderski (verified owner)

    I bought these to wear while racing and trail riding. They are extremely efficient at keeping the sweat out of your eyes and face and also keep your goggles from fogging. Hand washable and very durable. They don’t move after you put on your helmet and stay in place the entire race. Highly recommend!

  12. Will D. (verified owner)

    Terrific headband! I used it for the first time yesterday, on a 3 hr ride, and I literally *never* had to wipe sweat from my glasses — a first!

  13. Mike

    Simply put, Wickflow is the best sweatband on the market. As a dirt bike rider, I needed something that would keep sweat out of my eyes, and also work seamlessly with a snugly fitted helmet… Wickflow does the job like no other. Do give it a try (thank me later!).

  14. Frank (verified owner)

    This does work. I give it a try on 4mile z2 lunch run, no sweat in my eye.
    10min z4 x3 interval next day, still no sweat in my eye. Ultimate test next day, 1hour climb with aero helmet, some sweat dripped over my glass, but no sweat to my eye. So far so good.
    Next day lunch run with a running hat only, need to wipe the sweat on my face again…

  15. Hector

    No better headband, this thing works as advertised. The thin design is perfect to fit comfortably under the helmet for MTB rides, it keeps me focused during rides by keeping the sweat off my eyes. I love them!!!

  16. Derek Davis (verified owner)

    I am truly impressed with this headband! I’m a road cyclist and have major problems with sweat in my eyes, face and sunglasses. I have tried every other product on the market which seem to fail after 30 min of riding because they become saturated or sweat jumps out over it. I have done 2 hour road rides in 82 degree weather with the WickFlow with not a drop in my face. The WickFlow sends it down the back of my neck. Bravo WickFlow! Problem finally solved. Customer for life!

  17. Kendall Thompson (verified owner)

    I put the headbands I just received to the test over the past week by doing 3 road cycling rides, all with plenty of serious sustained climbing. On only one ride did I get a minor amount of sweat in my eyes. I’ve tried many brands of sweatbands over the years (including Halo). These outperform all the other by a mile.

  18. Jeff Richards (verified owner)

    Amazing product. Comfortable and effective. I love these headbands. Four hours riding in 90+ degree heat and not a single bead of sweat in my eyes. I just ordered two more.

  19. Tim (verified owner)

    Love these headbands for indoor. I don’t sweat much outdoors but am a faucet when riding on a trainer. Wearing a Wick headband buys me a solid 30 drip free minutes. Very pleased with the price, quality, and performance.

  20. Amber Temple

    My son races four wheelers and these are the only headbands that actually works and keep sweat from getting in goggle foam and that he will wear to race. We have tried others and this is the only that stays in place. They hold up extremely well.

  21. Tom

    I’ve NEVER been able to mtb vigorously — especially uphill — with glasses. Now I can. These are stunning.

    I’ve tried every headband under the sun, and nothing worked until now.

    Highest rating possible!

  22. Johnny Hawkes (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best headband I’ve ever used. I ordered two for myself and they got me through a summer’s worth of hot workouts and races with ZERO sweat in my eyes. They’re so good that I just ordered some as Christmas gifts. You will be so glad to have these!

  23. Rich (verified owner)

    Sweat used to burn my eyes but hasn’t since I’ve been using these. Now getting some for my friend

  24. Steve Coryell

    I saw these in Motocross Action or Dirt Bike Magazine. I got a two pack. Tried using not for the dirt bikes but, the road bicycle. In Arizona it ‘s often to hot to ride thru the summer so I ride the road bike to stay fit. Wow!! These are game changers. No more sweat in the eyes or dripping down into my glasses. You can literally wring it out and watch the sweat pour out. I wear for every ride now. Son uses his for football. Fall is here so pulling out the dirt bikes. 100% confident they will work great.

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